* Are you gifted in the area of Christian Arts? Such as 

    singing, playing instruments, praise dance, acting writing     skits, or have artistic abilities.

   * Have you been called/chosen to serve in one of the    

      five fold ministry offices?

   * Do you have the gift of hospitality, administration or       

      the gift of helps?

   * Are you functioning as a deacon or usher and need    

      to know the intricate details of what is involved in

      these ministries?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the classes we offer here at C.L.I.M. School of Ministry are for you and they will help equip you to fulfill the calling on your life.

Our classes are designed to be challenging, exciting and filled with the balance of the word. For a schedule of the class,date and price, feel free to contact us.