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Apostle Amanda and Brother James Bryant

 Apostle Amanda Walker-Bryant

Apostle Amanda Walker Bryant, since birth, resides in her small town of Burgaw, NC, along with her husband James and their children Jeremy and Ariel.  She is the Under Shepherd of Miracle Temple Deliverance Ministries.

In 1993 she went through depression.  It was something neither explainable nor understandable to her during the attack, but she believed that God would set her free. In 1994, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and her life changed from that day onward. God not only set her free from depression, but He anointed her to root up and tear down the strongholds off of His people. She said, "God if there is anyone that I can help, send them my way." And guess what? He did! From 1996 to 2000 she ministered out of her home being faithful to the call on her life.  In 2001 God called her off of a job she worked on for thirteen years into full time ministry.

She was ordained to pastor and God resurrected the church, “MiracleTemple”, that her Grandfather, Rev. Arthur Walker, had held for four decades which is currently re-titled “Miracle Temple Deliverance Ministries”.

In 2003, she moved services into the former A&P Grocery chain building among the merchants of historical downtown Burgaw NC. The congregation of this store front church rapidly grew to overflow capacity. Believing God for her own church, in August 2004, Miracle Temple Deliverance Ministries purchased their own church and has since then made many improvements and additions, including an new office complex. To God be the glory! And they are still growing in leaps and in bounds! Believing God for a School of Ministry, Resource Center, Recreational Center, and Counseling Center.
Apostle Amanda Walker Bryant believes that… “If God did it then… He will also do it now!   Believe God and it shall be established!  There is nothing too hard for God

Brother James Bryant

James Bryant says that God's people must first "prove their faith" before God gives them "wings". “I did it!" I gave up a job that I loved to become Miracle Temple Deliverance Ministries Administrator, and I haven’t wanted for anything since. ”We must actually have the faith to jump into God’s plan for our lives. He had a position with a rural electric company for 16 ½ years. But his wife, Apostle Amanda Walker Bryant, needed a full-time administrator in her church. Both she and James felt God wanted him in that position. “The call was a seven month process,” James said. “My work got in the way of my ministry, and I lost the desire to continue on at that position. I took the plunge. God has provided for my family and I have found peace,” he said. A native resident of Burgaw,NC, James is the son of Mary Ann Bryant. "I was an easy going boy who loved car detailing, but I never dreamed of  preaching." What James has always had is a giving heart. Now, that heart belongs to Jesus, and he says Christ is using him to help a lot of people.

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